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Growing weary?

by Elton Williamson on 08/09/14

Wow, life is hard work, and you know what, our spiritual life is even hard work.  Life in general can be easy if we give up and go with the flow.  No tough decisions, just fall in with the crowd and be invisible.  As belivers in Christ we must stand firm in our daily lives, always making Chrst centered choices and then trusting and waiting for the strength God brings to walk out His Word in our lives.  I would suggest that in today's world this is almost a full time job.

Look around, there is more to stand against each day.  Terror there, sickness there, ungodliness everywhere.  Watch the news and it seems like the scriptures are coming to life in each broadcast.  I don't want to give a gloomy outlook so please take note, we are living in the end times and should be eager to fulfill the mission Christ gave the Church.  We need to stand and live righteous each day.  Christ would have us to understand that we do not need to go out to battle for the victory every day.  He wants us to understand that we go out IN THE VICTORY each day.  The battle is won, He proclaimed that on the cross.  He paid the price for our daily victories.  The enemy tries to bluff us into fighting a fight we need not fight, a fight that we have already won.

We need to be vigilent, getting our house in order.  Walking and living according to His Word.  The Church has for far to long been willing to compromise in the fight, settling in with what the worldly kingdom says is right, watering down the effectiveness of Gods Kingdom in our lives.  There is a right and a wrong.  There is a good and evil.  God does expect us to make a choice between the two, daily.  The political correctness of today in this world has become one of the greatest tools the enemy of our Spirit has.  One that we have lost our spiritual backbone to stand against. 

Be alert, know the times we are in.  Walk in the truth of Gods Word.  Go out in victory each day.  Yes, life can be hard but in Christ all things are possible.  Look up for our redemption draws closer each day.  Be blessed and challenged as you let Christ direct the symphony of your life.

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