Here you will find comments and recommendations about this Ministry.  Thank you so much for those that have helped to open doors of ministry for us.
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During my lifetime to date, my journey has crossed thousands of pathways of people who have become friends.  Elton & Gloria are two such people.  For over forty years I have known them to be of the highest in their business and spiritual attainment.  Even now, their own goals are to be "humble servants" of the Lord.  God has called and anointed both of them to be involved in forming PrayerNet Ministries with the goal of linking prayer and ministry for others around the world.

Both Elton & Gloria are called to minister to the Body of Christ through anointed prophetic speaking, and insightful prayer.  Gloria is a tremendous keyboardist and vocalist as well as songwriter.  She can bless the very foundation of one's soul as she ministers the "Word of God" in anointed song.

The anointing on this dynamic couple is the most important attribute any ministry could possess.  God uses them greatly.  They will bless you.

Johnny Hays
Johnny Hays Ministries, Inc.
We have known Elton and Gloria Williamson since 1998.  They have ministered in our church on four different occasions in the past few years.  We have found their ministry to be very anointed of the Holy Spirit and a blessing, giving great encouragement to all.  We can recommend their ministry very highly.

Pastor Richard Nugent
Bethel Christian Centre
Tallaght, Ireland
It has been our pleasure to know Elton & Gloria Williamson for several years.  We have been blessed by their ministry personally, and as they've ministered to others in the congregation we served in as pastor's.  Beyond that, we observed them in private times and are happy to say that their lives "behind the scenes" do not betray their Godly witness.

They genuinely love and faithfully represent the God they serve.  They are sensitive and responsive to the leading of the Lord, whether ministering in music, teaching/preaching or in quiet personal ministry times around the altar.  We highly recommend them to minister to you or your people.

Pastors David & Twilla Sasser
Spirit Life Fellowship - Salem, Oregon
(An International Pentecostal Holiness Church)
It is without reservation that I recommend Elton & Gloria Williamson and PrayerNet Ministries.  I've had the privilege of ministering with them in the U.S.A. and when they came to minister in Northern Ireland.

Their ministry is gentle yet very dynamic and is totally Spirit led and anointed.

If you need people to inspire your congregation you will not be disappointed, they are a blessing.

Alan A. Cunningham
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I am writing to offer the endorsement of the ministry of Elton & Gloria Williamson.  Having been their pastor, I have observed them through many different challenges in life.  Because of their faith and trust in the Lord they have witnessed providential provision and ongoing examples of answered prayer.  They were faithful in their attendance and support of their home church and are ready to be of assistance as needed.  For over a decade I appreciated having them a part of our fold and believe that you will find them to be willing and able servants of our Lord.

Tom Baker
Senior Pastor
Portland Foursquare Church
Elton and Gloria Williamson are two of the most delightful people I have ever met.  Our congregation eagerly awaits each time they come to our Church.  their ministry is powerful, led by the Holy Spirit, and powerfully anointed.  Yet their down-to-earth personalities endear them to one and all.

Elton's preaching and teaching, along with his prophetic ministry, reaches the heart of people right where they live.  It touches the areas where they hurt, and where they hope, bringing light and life as he lets the Lord minister through him.  Gloria's music ministry is a blessing to the spirit, like a soothing balm to the soul.

This unity of ministry multiplies the impact they have upon each person they meet.  If you want to bless your congregation, have them come and minister.  You will be greatly blessed.

Pastor Karen Gildersleeve
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Helena, Montana USA
It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs Elton Williamson to you.  I have known Elton and Gloria for many years and am pleased to recommend them to you.  My association with them has been mainly through the churches we have attended together and also as their pastor at Canby New Life Foursquare church.  They attend church services faithfully and served on our pastoral care team as Care Team prayer partners.  It has been a blessing to observe them praying for people and watch how they care for those to whom they minister.

Elton and Gloria have been involved in their own ministry for several years and I continually hear good reports regarding worship, teaching, and ministry during their meetings.  I am pleased that they continue to remain faithful to their call to ministry.

Ron Swore
Senior Pastor
Canby New Life Foursquare Church
It was a blessing having Elton and Gloria Williamson minister in our church.  I initially met Elton through the Internet and their Website.  Normally I would not invite someone to minister in our church from that type of contact.  But, the Lord's hand was definitely in the arrangements, and seemed to confirm the fact that they were to minister in our church.

From the first moment we met Elton and Gloria all concerns vanished and it was truly of the Lord that they ministered at The Lighthouse Church in Kearney, Nebraska.  They are warm, gentle and very easy to spend time with away from the church as well.  It was a pleasure having them minister several times in our congregation.  I overheard many of the prophetic words they shared with people that I know very and the words the Lord gave them were very encouraging, accurate, and uplifting.  I praise God that He used Elton and Gloria mightily while they have been in our church.

Pastor Ben Rosenzweig
The Lighthouse Church
Kearney, Nebraska
The ministry of Elton and Gloria Williamson has been a blessing to both my personal family and church for many years.  I appreciate their ability to speak to the real issues of life because they have been there, done that.  People quickly relate to this couple because the Williamson's are not too proud to admit to the real life trials they have faced in their own lives.  Hope springs eternal as the faithfulness of God is revealed through their ministry.

Also evident is the prophetic touch to their ministry.  They aren't just leaning to their own understanding.  It becomes quickly apparent that time has been spent in the throne room as the Word of the Lord is ministered.  Elton and Gloria make a great team as they bring their gifts of teaching and music.  As a pastor, I appreciate how easy they are to work with me and am glad to count them as friends.  They have my complete trust and confidence.  I recommend them without hesitation.

Pastor Ron Eerkes
New Covenant Fellowship
Oak Harbor, Washington
By:  Dave & Eileen Kadlec 
       Country Leaders 
       Operation Mobilization, Poland 

It was a joy for Eileen and I to have hosted Elton and his wife Gloria Williamson for some ministry here in the North of Poland.  Who would have known how the time together would turn out?  It turned out to be a blessing both to our family and to the churches they were able to minister in.  In the five full days they were here, we had six meetings lined up for them.  Three of the meetings were in churches, two meetings were in the "Christ for the Nations" Bible School in Gdansk, and one meeting was to meet with and minister to pastors and church leaders.

The average time for the meetings was about three and one half hours and the last Sunday morning service lasted five hours.  Some of the longest services we have been in for a long time, but well worth it.  To see the people ministered to and blessed by God as Elton and Gloria prayed for many and prophesied over others was a joy.  As we prayed and watched Elton and Gloria in action in one of the churches, we noticed the pastor who was translating for them was crying as Elton prophesied over several of his people. This pastor knows his people and he could see that the words were right on target for the people receiving them.

I had a chance to follow up and talk to the pastors that had them come and minister to their people and I talked to individuals as well, and every one that I spoke to had a positive response. They have an open door to come back and minister again in Poland and they have been invited back by some of the top leaders in the Pentecostal Union in Poland.  As a family we had a wonderful time of fellowship with both Elton and Gloria and many good laughs as well. We were sure glad we had them come to Poland.