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PrayerNet Ministries
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Our prayerful and heartfelt thanks go out to you for your support, contributions and continual prayer for this Ministry.  We can not reach the hurting people of this world without your partnering with us.  We pray that God will richly and abundantly bless you for your response to His voice in standing with us in the harvest field.
Together We Send & Go - Reap & Sow
Elton & Gloria have been raised in the church since they were born.  God has had His hand on their lives from the earliest of years and has directed their paths to be joined during their teen years.

They have been married for over 50 years and have a great testimony of God's grace and love through the rough and the not so rough times.  They have served in many areas of church ministry, such as youth directors, teachers, men and women's group leaders and prayer ministry.  Gloria has had an extensive ministry in music, both at the piano and traveling with a singing group for ten years.  She has been playing in churches for over forty years.  In the last few years God has been blessing her with the writing of several powerful  and impacting songs.  When not on the road ministering they attend Canby Christian Church in Canby, Oregon.  Gloria is active ministering in women's groups and they both are keeping up with the schedule of PrayerNet Ministries, an independent interdenominational ministry.

Since 1992 the Lord has changed the direction of their lives and has led them into their own outreach ministry.  They are being used to minister in the restoration of marriages, as well as speaking God's prophetic word and encouragement to the Body of Christ.  They also flow in a strong gift of divine healing.  God has directed and established the formation of PrayerNet Ministries and is networking them around the world to work with the Body in preparing for a great end time harvest.  God's prophetic word flows through their ministry as they move in a great anointing of God's love and grace.

The direction that Christ has given them in the last few years will be an encouragement to you as they share, minister and allow the Holy Spirit to direct every facet of their ministry.  God is using the gifts of the Spirit to establish them as a support team for the Body of Christ.  There is a special anointing that flows from the unity and teamwork that is at the center of their ministry.

They have ministered on several overseas trips in the last several years to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Scotland, England and Poland, also spending much of their time ministering in many areas across the USA and Canada.  They are available to speak and minister wherever God leads and opens doors foe them.  Give prayerful consideration in using Elton & Gloria and allow God to bless you richly as you release their ministry in your midst.
Vision + Patience = Birthing
Click Here to see how the Holy Spirit has led us on our journey from our early years to today.  A birthing process in the flow of God's Spirit.690

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